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Global Voices Online Unifies People around the World in Sympathy of Poland after Tragic Plane Crash – Weekly #9

Global Voices Online provided the world with a front row seat on the reactions to the April 10, 2010, horrific airplane crash killing the President, his wife and other top officials of Poland.  At the same time it helped unify the Country of Poland.

Perhaps this post on “Global Voices Online” sums it up best:  […] want to feel alone” or “I want to know how others are feeling.” The post “Poland: R.I.P. Black Saturday” from GlobalVoices solves these problems by gathering a wide range of feedback, emotional reactions, […]

Before Saturday’s tragedy, three posts on the GlobalVoices Web site included one about a sign, made by Polish prisoners, that had been stolen from Auschwitz (posted Dec. 22, 2009); a post dated  (March 15, 2010), describing an inspiring volunteer effort to “to put a smile on a child’s face” by sending sick children cards from around the world; and a final posting recognizing women in technology and transparency worldwide,(March 25, 2010).  

Although all were interesting and inspiring, the immediacy of social media was apparent with reactions from people around the world when the Polish nation lost its top officials and 95 others. Global Voices became a place to share your sorrow, express your sympathy and rally the patriotic spirit of the Poles. Photographs of people gathering to express their sympathy and Facebook gatherings were displayed on this Web site.

On RIP Blachttpk Saturday people questioned the condition of the plane, the demand to land the plane in bad weather, the tremendous loss of life, the irony that the group was going to Russia to attend a memorial tribute to those killed in the 1940 Katyn Forest massacre.

Another interesting report after the tragedy was that all news portals and social media Web sites and government Web sites in Poland changed their colors to gray, black and white

Even Google put a black ribbon on its Polish Web site with the words:

In memory of the President of the Republic of Poland, Lech Kaczyński, and all the victims

Video reactions to the tragedy are also posted such as this one on YouTube:

Global Voices Online with its citizen journalists following what is going on in the blogosphere around the world was expertly implemented by regional editor for Poland, Sylwia Presley

It’s a grand idea founded at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. 

In the coverage of these events, Global Voices showed its value.


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