Site Your Favorite Source, Weekly #4

The February issue of Vanity Fair lists an “eclectic mix of inspiration online” such as, featuring the latest gadgets and product news;,

where you enter a book you like and the site suggests what to read next;, helps

you create all types of invitations or stationery;, sells contemporary

art, or, features a cook and a recipe of the day.  These sites accommodate some of

the world’s most popular hobbies, technology buff, reader, the crafts,/artsy person, the art

collector and the cook.

I don’t know if you would call politics my hobby but as a political news junkie, I follow favorite

sites everyday to be in the know of what’s going on politically.  My leading sites are:, featuring political columnists and the latest polls;, and, all online newspapers with breaking news; and for financial news with a political twist.  In a matter of minutes, I am up-to-date on

the hot political stories of the day.   Hands down, the leading site for the politically connected

community is, which almost always has breaking political news first.

Where would I have gone for my political news pre-web era?  All of the old offline favorites,

limited to my hometown daily newspaper, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal which

were delivered to our local newsstand every morning, the CBS affiliate radio station in town, and

the  NBC local and network evening news.  Today, forget these.   All my political news comes

from online sites.  As Chris Anderson said in his bestseller “The Long Tail,” this shattering of

the mainstream into a zillion different cultural shards is something that upsets traditional media.”    

If I ever tire of politics and get a real hobby, it’s nice to know these cooking and crafting sites



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