I’m LinkedIn, on Facebook and Tweeting – Now What? Personal Blog #1

My social networking sites are all set.  I’ve been a member of the business site LinkedIn for about a year. Occasionally, I hear from groups I belong to as well as an update from a former co-worker, but it seems mainly a place to put your resume.  Tweeting is ok.  I follow a few people, politicians, but it’s no big deal.

But Facebook.  Oh my goodness.  I had no idea what was in store for me when I signed up.  Every member of my generation is on Facebook.  They’ve all invited me to be their Facebook friend  – high school classmates whom I hadn’t heard from or seen in 30 years, college friends, relatives I see maybe twice a year, and former co-workers too.

They seem to be on Facebook day and night, talking about everything.  I have no idea how to respond.  What makes me uncomfortable are my high school friends discussing such private matters as illnesses and in some instances death.  Should I send a sympathy card or respond in some way to these traumatic events being experienced by my long ago friends?   Most of the time I don’t even know who they are talking about.  What is the proper etiquette?

Then there are my relatives who devote hours playing games called Bouncing Balls, Farmville and reporting on their scores.  I just don’t get it.

My 23-year-old law school student daughter friended me as a courtesy.  Although I have tried to resist going on her Facebook page, I have, but there’s way too much information for a Mother to see.

Having said all this, Facebook is fascinating and addictive.  During the blizzard of 2010 I could update people on the amount of snow we had and post photos as well.  It was a convenient and informative way to tell people about the blizzard.

Can the sharing of information through this social networking site make the world a better place?  We shall see.


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